KGHWOOD has over 25 years of experience in the field of buying, processing and exporting timber, during this time we have established a reliable and qualified network of hardwood & whitewood manufacturers.

Standing behind our product is what we have done for these years, and we are steadfast in our commitment to continue to do so. We welcome the opportunity to put our experience and expertise to work for you. Company’s policy is to focus on all kind of wood: beech wood. Whitewood, pine, spruce, and all products of wood: timber, strips, briquettes, pellets. Wood is an extremely sensitive material that needs and requires a lot of professionalism.

Extreme care is needed to achieve the quality of products requested by our clients from different markets. This policy helps us to occupy a foremost position in the Romanian market of wood, which is very demanding. Our company has succeeded by using flexibility and proving quality in order to establish and maintain long term business relations with companies from EGYPT, SYRIA. JORDAN, CHINA, KOREA, TUNISIA, MAROCCO, GREECE, BELGIUM, EAU, INDIA.



Our customer base includes manufacturers of cabinets, flooring, stairways, furniture, architectural mill work, molding, musical instruments, railroad ties, industrial lumber, pallets and boxes. The result of many years of maintaining high standards of quality has build a well trained team, which concentrates on client’s demands, and on respecting its every need.

Teamwork allows us to be flexible so that each and every order is for us of utmost importance. Our company owns all the machinery used for the manufacture of top quality products, and our long time achieved experience has made us a reliable network of trusted, high quality, log suppliers, locally and in the entire country. Our factories are located in strategic areas in the country, where the logs are of the best quality. Thank you for considering our company for your lumber and wood product’s needs.